07 Jul

10 secs.

Yes, 10 seconds before people decide if they want to hear more or they start mentally wandering. They will start thinking about texting or finding someone else to talk to.

Here is how you fix this, you answer three important questions.

1. What do you do?...for example....

I am the Director of Finance.

2. Who do you do it for?....
give your company's name -
for example:

AI Robotics

3. Who does it benefit? --for example:

We develop robots that assist with everyday functions for amputees and non-mobile veterans enabling them to live alone or with minimal assistance giving them more autonomy in their lives.

What you are going to hear is... Wow, tell me more.

Answer these three questions and practice your reply.

What are you doing for yourself when you accomplish this 10 second introduction?

You are building confidence. It give you the ability to speak in any situation so you can connect with positive impact for your career and

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