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Congratulations on taking the first step towards advancing your career and achieving your professional goals. Our cutting-edge language solutions are designed specifically for global executives who strive for excellence in their Business English skills.
At Hot Tin Roof English, we understand the importance of effective business communication in today's competitive global marketplace. Are you ready to compete? Contact us below.  
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Basic Business English Program

Basic Business English Program

Introducing Hot Tin Roof English: Your Path to Confident Business Communication! Our 10 week course with 2 lessons recommended per week. Are you tired of feeling hesitant and unsure when communicating in a professional setting? Do you want to take your business English skills to the next level? Look no further than Hot Tin Roof English! Our comprehensive 10-week course is designed specifically for intermediate English speakers who want to excel in a business environment and included in our 24 week Business English Package! It's the best value buy! With Hot Tin Roof English, if you are a B-1, B-2 level, you'll gain the skills and confidence to: Communicate naturally and confidently in business settings. Develop clear and professional pronunciation. Deliver effective presentations that captivate your audience. Take Zoom calls with ease and professionalism. Write persuasive and impactful emails. Our experienced instructors will guide you through interactive lessons, engaging exercises, and real-life simulations, allowing you to apply your newfound skills in practical business scenarios. You'll receive personalized feedback and tailored guidance to address your specific areas of improvement. But that's not all! Enroll in our 24-week course now and enjoy these exclusive benefits: Private class for personalized attention. Comprehensive course materials and resources. Access to our online learning material. Networking opportunities with like-minded professionals. Ongoing support even after course completion. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your confidence and advance your career! Take the first step toward mastering business communication by signing up for our 24-week course today. Visit or contact us at to secure your spot. Limited seats available! Invest in yourself and unlock your full potential with Hot Tin Roof English. Elevate your business English skills and watch your professional success soar!



My private lessons for Business English are specifically designed to help individuals navigate the unique linguistic nuances of English-speaking offices. Through these lessons, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of essential phrasal verbs, idioms, and small talk, enabling them to communicate effectively and confidently with their colleagues and clients. Additionally, you will focus on developing your presentation skills, ensuring you can deliver compelling and engaging presentations that showcase their expertise. Finally, my lessons emphasize the development of phone skills, including the ability to respond to calls with confidence and ease. By honing these critical skills, you will be well-prepared to succeed in any professional setting. See our program prices, and book your free strategy session today.



Coaching/Consulting: Helping you to achieve success and reach your goals with personalized support and advice. E-course content and Business English on line courses for teachers available, please book an appointment. #DiscoverYourPotential


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